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Original Series

Nokia 1xxx

Ultrabasic Series

Nokia 2xxx

Basic Expression Series

Nokia 3xxx

Youth Expression Series

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Niemals bei Nokia eingeführt

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Acitve Series

Nokia 6xxx

Classic Business Series

Nokia 7xxx

Fashion / Experimantal Series

Nokia 8xxx

Premium / Design Series

Nokia 9xxx

Communicator Series

Nokia N-Gage

Mobile Gaming Series

Nokia ESeries

High-End Business Series (E=Enterprise)

Nokia NSeries

High-End Multimedia Series

Nokia Nxxx

Internet Tablets

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2017-05-22 yogesh Kharwar Hiii
2013-02-15 AMJ Nokia Tuning
2011-09-15 djarx Welcome to the people who are proficient in heasit üelta where I would have a nokia 1208 phone security code i put off and went to think that it was no longer remember the security code
2010-10-21 Tricia Nokia model E61-1 what is its model number for unlocking please?
2010-10-20 Sudhir i just want the Nokia N95 8GB PCB layout....plz help me
2010-01-18 jaydev need PCB Layout for Nokia 8800
2009-11-01 someone best for customization is Nokia Nst-4-edition
2009-09-21 yogesh good information for users
2009-09-01 saeed mumin good job done
2009-08-04 akylas very nice work. Need more tutorials for beginners
2009-04-08 resms sms, can't you read???
2009-02-24 Raj it is so nice yaar
2008-12-29 shanu overall nokia E series is better
2008-07-13 neeraj very good work
2008-05-27 Accessvaasu Hai nice job Yarr
2008-04-04 bgreat good work
2008-01-07 sms i have neva seen nokia 4xxx series
2007-12-29 Nadeem very simple & very good nokia mobilephone
2007-10-24 handsome very bad technology used in nokia
2007-04-20 rajesh very useful information.
2006-08-04 shervin it was good to know