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Nokia UEM ASIC type overview
ASIC type 2
Nokia 1100Nokia 1101Nokia 1110Nokia 12i
Nokia 1600Nokia 2300Nokia 2600Nokia 2650
Nokia 2651Nokia 2652Nokia 3100Nokia 3105
Nokia 3108Nokia 3120Nokia 3125Nokia 3128
Nokia 3129Nokia 3152Nokia 3155Nokia 3155i
Nokia 3200Nokia 3220Nokia 3300Nokia 3320
Nokia 3321Nokia 3360Nokia 3361Nokia 3510
Nokia 3510iNokia 3520Nokia 3530Nokia 3560
Nokia 3590Nokia 3595Nokia 3595iNokia 5070
Nokia 5100Nokia 5140Nokia 5140iNokia 6020
Nokia 6021Nokia 6030Nokia 6060Nokia 6061
Nokia 6070Nokia 6080Nokia 610Nokia 6100
Nokia 6101Nokia 6102Nokia 6103Nokia 6108
Nokia 616Nokia 6200Nokia 6220Nokia 6225
Nokia 6225iNokia 6235Nokia 6235iNokia 6255
Nokia 6255iNokia 6310Nokia 6310iNokia 6340
Nokia 6340iNokia 6360Nokia 6500Nokia 6510
Nokia 6560Nokia 6590Nokia 6590iNokia 6610
Nokia 6610iNokia 6620Nokia 6800Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820Nokia 6820iNokia 6822Nokia 7200
Nokia 7210Nokia 7250Nokia 7260Nokia 810
Nokia 8310Nokia 8390Nokia 8910Nokia 8910i
Nokia 9300Nokia 9300iNokia 9500
ASIC type 5
Nokia 3230Nokia 3600Nokia 3620Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660Nokia 6260Nokia 6600Nokia 6670
Nokia 7610Nokia 7650Nokia N-GageNokia Remote Camera
ASIC type 6
Nokia 6170Nokia 6230Nokia 6230iNokia 7270
Nokia 7280Nokia 8800Nokia 8801
ASIC type 7
Nokia 6650Nokia 6651Nokia 7600
ASIC type 11 (B)
Nokia 2310Nokia 2610Nokia 2626

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2015-05-26 MANCEF NOKIA 100
2013-06-12 Wesley Please I requesting a lock code for my E63 Nokia.
2013-06-12 Wesley PLease I'm requesting the unlock code for E63 Nokia IMEI no:356836029556203
2013-05-26 gade unlock code for nokia c3 please imei 357921047302191 is locked on 02
2012-10-17 carlos please x3-02 unlock code yoigo Spain imei 355963649545361 email tac666tac@gmail.com
2012-07-11 Roshan I can not open my nokia X 2-01 mobile. my IMEI no. is 354842/04/680363/08. plz help me
2011-09-25 melveneholly I need the unlock key for my nokia 1680c-2 IMEI: 359354034971067 network: GLOBE (Philippines)
2011-08-23 Andres I need a unlock code for a nokia 2610b and the provider is at&t in the U.S. IMEI number is 011191006072551....please help. thx.
2011-08-17 sainath senguthar I cannot understand the situation because when iam switch on the mobile my mobile are blinking and then switch off when iam going to mobile shop then they says software situation they says 500 rupees are charged plz help me
2011-08-09 miguel and nokia C6-00 ??
2011-04-19 nelson preciso do código para nokia 5320d-1
2011-02-24 gab nokia x6 is not listed here..how can we unlock it?please e-mail me at foto_toi@yahoo.com
2010-05-18 saher this is useful
2010-05-09 xx Nokia 1100 Nokia 1101 Nokia 1110 Nokia 12i Nokia 1600 Nokia 2300 Nokia 2600 Nokia 2650 Nokia 2651 Nokia 2652 Nokia 3100 Nokia 3105 Nokia 3108 Nokia 3120 Nokia 3125 Nokia 3128 Nokia 3129 Nokia 3152 Nokia 3155 Nokia 3155i Nokia 3200 Nokia 3220 Nokia 3300 Nokia 3320 Nokia 3321 Nokia 3360 Nokia 3361 Nokia 3510 Nokia 3510i Nokia 3520 Nokia 3530 Nokia 3560 Nokia 3590 Nokia 3595 Nokia 3595i Nokia 5070 Nokia 5100 Nokia 5140 Nokia 5140i Nokia 6020 Nokia 6021 Nokia 6030 Nokia 6060 Nokia 6061 Nokia 6070 Nokia 6080 Nokia 610 Nokia 6100 Nokia 6101 Nokia 6102 Nokia 6103 Nokia 6108 Nokia 616 Nokia 6200 Nokia 6220 Nokia 6225 Nokia 6225i Nokia 6235 Nokia 6235i Nokia 6255 Nokia 6255i Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6340 Nokia 6340i Nokia 6360 Nokia 6500 Nokia 6510 Nokia 6560 Nokia 6590 Nokia 6590i Nokia 6610 Nokia 6610i Nokia 6620 Nokia 6800 Nokia 6810 Nokia 6820 Nokia 6820i Nokia 6822 Nokia 7200 Nokia 7210 Nokia 7250 Nokia 7260 Nokia 810 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8390 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8910i Nokia 9300 Nokia 9300i Nokia 9500
2010-02-27 Itzik I don't see Nokia 6267
2010-02-27 Itzik I don't see Nokia 6267
2010-02-17 rocky Hello I have Nokia 2310 bought in Switzerland - Yallo/Diax Mobile 22802, IMEI 355516015582477. Now live outside CH. How to unlock?
2010-01-26 aniruddh i forget my security code imei 354552014803318 please tell the method for reset my security code
2010-01-14 Gauarav i have nokia2600 forget its restore code, 12345 is not workin. Please help..!!!
2010-01-10 mahi i cant open my nokia 2310 security code.plz help me to reset eith master code .my IME no :358960013590263
2009-12-29 tbagz hey.. ppl.. my CP name is N2310 and its serial code is 357657012678708 and also i forgot my security code.. and master code doesnt work.. what should i do?? plss help :( its always says CODE ERROR!!!
2009-12-28 AVINASH need to restore my nokia 7610 but lost my changed security lock code plssss help me
2009-12-26 joost hoe kan ik mijn nokia 1209 RH105 unlocken?
2009-12-24 abdi i have a nokia 6300 and i forgot the security code i don't know ime
2009-12-15 Andrius Hi I need to reset the security code for my nokia 6021. My IMEI is 359751000181599 .thanks in advance!
2009-12-13 jason hey.. ppl.. my CP name is N2310 and its serial code is 355541018235808 and also i forgot my security code.. and master code doesnt work.. what should i do?? plss help :( its always says CODE ERROR!!!
2009-12-12 lemon for nokia
2009-12-10 fariz pusing gw nokia.6016i gw reset pake *#7370# eh malah kg ada sinyal.mo ngeset SIB nya jug kg tau.guys cariin jalan keluar dong
2009-12-03 bik nokia 3510i
2009-11-18 ARMANITZA N95 8G