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Nokia DCT-3 net monitor display overview

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01 Information on the serving cell
02 More Information on the serving cell
03 Information on the serving cell, 1st and 2nd neigbour
04 Information on the 3rd, 4th and 5th neighbour
05 Information on the 6th, 7th and 8th neighbour
06 Network selection display
07 System information bits for the serving cell
10 Paging Repetition Period, TMSI, Location Update Timer, AFC and AGC
11 Network parameters
12 Ciphering, hopping, DTX status and IMSI
13 Uplink DTX switching display
14 Toggle screening indicator
17 Switch "BTS Test" status
18 Lights status control
19 Toggle cell barred status
20 Charging status R&D
21 Constant voltage charging display R&D
22 Battery full detection R&D
23 Battery and phone state monitor R&D
24 BSI values R&D
30 Audio API register display R&D
34 FBUS display R&D
35 Reason for SW resets R&D
36 Counters for reset R&D
39 Information about reasons for call clearing R&D
40 Reset handover counters R&D
41 Handover display (singelband) R&D singleband
41 Handover dispaly, INTER CELL (dualband) R&D dualband
42 Handover display, INTRA CELL (dualband) R&D dualband
43 L2 display R&D
44 Toggle revision level R&D
45 Toggle transmitter functionality R&D
51 SIM information R&D
54 Block display 1 R&D
55 Block display 2 R&D
56 Block display 3 R&D
57 Memory status befor reset R&D
60 Reset counters to zero R&D
61 Search and reselection counter display R&D
61 Search and reselection counter display (dualband) R&D dualband
62 Neighbour measurement counter display R&D
63 Call attemps counters R&D
64 Location Update attemps counters R&D
65 SMS attemps counters R&D
66 SMS timeout counters R&D
70 Temporary counters of DSP R&D
71 Control DSP audio enhancements 1 R&D
72 Control DSP audio enhancements 2 R&D
73 Generic display for DSP audio enhancements R&D
74 DSP audio enhancements 1(DRC) R&D
75 Audio path status R&D
76 Ear audio display R&D
77 Microphone audio display R&D
78 DSP audio enhancements (AEC) R&D
79 Audio equalizer display R&D
80 Reset and restart timers R&D
81 Enable or disable timers R&D
82 Test timer display R&D
83 Control to task information display R&D
84 Information about tasks R&D
85 Information about tasks R&D
86 Information about tasks R&D
87 Information about OS_SYSTEM_STACK R&D
88 Version information for organizer part (Nokia 9210) R&D 9210
88 Information on the current MCU and DSP software version R&D
89 Information of the current HW and TXT versions R&D
89 Version information for phone part (Nokia 9210) R&D 9210
96 Receiver temperature (Nokia 3210) R&D 3210
99 FBUS mode and Accessory mode (Nokia 7110) R&D 7110
100 Internal memory usage, overview (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
102 Last data call type (Nokia 9210) R&D 9210
103 Last MT call type (Nokia 9210) R&D 9210
107 Voice dialling feature (Nokia 62xx) R&D 62xx
110 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
111 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
112 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
113 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
114 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
115 Internal memory usage, details (Nokia 7110/62xx) R&D 7110/62xx
130 Slide open counter (Nokia 7110) R&D 7110
132 Call information (Nokia 3310) R&D 3310
133 Charger information (Nokia 3310) R&D 3310
240 NO OUTPUT - Clear counters and start timers
241 NO OUTPUT - Disable netmonitor menu
242 NO OUTPUT - Disable R&D field test displays R&D

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