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Pinouts for Nokia battery BL-xx

pin: description:
1 Gnd
3 Vbatt

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2012-04-10 febri bagaimana cara mengetahui baterai bl5c masih bisa di cas atau tidak?
2012-04-10 febri how do I know bl5c batteries can still be in charge or not?
2011-07-06 Tonos listing of BSI resistances would be usefull here..
2009-03-24 michael i assume this is the 3.7 volt battery? the one iv got is BL-5CA and its 3.7v and the + and - markings match this diagram. also phone seems not to work on only 3v - my nokia 1208 will not work on 3v. then agan... battery emty (according to phone, swiches off when turned on) and bat voltage 3.44v. bsi on my battery is a 46.5k resistor (mesured) between bat+ and bsi.
2008-09-12 Stigi I have the BL-5C here and plan to build my own charger PCB. Is there a overvoltage protection and/or a termal protaction circuit included? Donīt want to open it.. :)
2008-04-23 Dodgy BSI= Battery Size Indicator (typically a 47K resistor)
2007-09-10 NseriesUser BSI = ?